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Pengzhou Huiquan Brush Co., Ltd. (formerly Chengdu Rongyu Brush Factory) is specialized in producing all kinds of industrial brushes, civil brushes, etc. It involves more than 300 varieties of 18 kinds of products, and the annual production of industrial brushes is more than 2 million. More than 10 million medical cleaning brushes. Its main products: high temperature hand brush, laparoscopic cleaning brush, matching brush, wire brush, copper wire brush, bottle brush, textile special brush, glass instrument brush, packaging and printing brush, daily life brush; all kinds of food Special brushes for machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, leather machinery, woodworking machinery, glass machinery, cleaning and polishing machinery. Supply a full set of spare parts and assembly lines. The sales network is spread all over the province and is favored by customers! The company introduced the brush production equipment and production technology from Germany and Taiwan, and is in a forward position in China.

Company strategy: People-oriented, committed to the establishment of a more professional knowledge, advanced concepts, standardized systems, international standards of R & D and production teams.

The company's purpose: integrity, truth-seeking, efficient and innovative.

Cultural concept: loyalty, unity, endeavor, dedication.

Business philosophy: market-oriented, to meet customer needs, dedication to quality, cheap and competitive products; dedicated to providing quality, reliable and efficient services. In the spirit of customer first, faithful cooperation, we are willing to be sincere friends for all customers!

Pengzhou Huiquan Brush Co., Ltd.

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