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Wire brush variety and instrument brush application
- 2019-09-19-
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Brush is a traditional labor thing that originated in China. The brush is created by the Han people in production practice. Following the continuous development of human society, the industrious and wise Han nationality constantly sums up experience, preserves its essence, discards its dross, dares to explore, and dares to innovate. For thousands of years, it has created a brilliant and brilliant labor culture for the Han nationality. A remarkable contribution.

brush classification:

wire brush

Wire brush type: wire brush refers to the brush used in daily life, daily work, such as toothbrush, paint brush, Household cleaning brushes, makeup brushes, all kinds of cleaning brushes, etc.

instrument brush

Devices Brush The application scale covers almost all industries, and its main use is cleaning, dust removal, polishing, etc. in the instrumental production process. According to the production process, it can be basically divided into five categories: hair brush, strip brush, spring brush, twist brush, injection brush and so on. According to the application category, it can be divided into a brush roller, a roller brush, a brush wheel, a disc brush, a strip brush, a plate brush, a special-shaped brush and the like. According to the brush material, it can be divided into nylon brush, wire brush, copper wire brush, plastic brush, horse hair brush, bristle brush, sisal brush, abrasive brush, cotton brush and so on.

The brush products are: brush roller, roller brush, wire brush, strip brush, belt brush, disc brush, Stretch spring brush, nylon brush, rubber roller, sponge suction roller, sanitation car sweeping brush, fireplace chimney brush, bottle brush pipe brush, glass washer brush roller, fruit vegetable washer brush roller, textile printing and dyeing industry Brush, ceramic glaze brush, paper printing equipment rubber roller, anti-static brush, metal polishing brush, metal pickling brush roller, active shoe brush brush wheel and other special brushes.

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