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The first application scale of the instrument brush
- 2019-09-19-

Instruments The first application of the brush is in four aspects: dust, polishing, cleaning, grinding

1. The primary purpose of dusting brush and dust brush is to install at the entrance and exit of equipment, assembly lines, doors and windows, etc. Dust is drilled through these gaps, polluting equipment and products, so the requirements for brushing are high elasticity, and the appearance of the brush is smooth. In special occasions, it has flame retardancy, wear resistance and antistatic function, such as escalator. Safety brushes are classified as dust brushes, but they are more demanding.

2. The polishing brush is mainly used to deburr, finely polish, etc. the appearance of the object being thrown, so it is required for different requirements. To determine the type and characteristics of the brush, if it is a strong hardness of the steel plate, etc. need to be polished and polished, then the * ambition of the brush should be bronze wire, if it is general metal materials for external rust and deburring treatment, then Use a steel wire with a good hardness;

3, cleaning brush is used throughout the instrument roller brush, generally used for agricultural and sideline products Deep processing of fruit and vegetable cleaning and general cleaning and dedusting on the equipment, requirements for brushing Good wear resistance, high elasticity, corrosion resistance and aging, long-term operation is not easy to deform. If the brush function is not good, when the object is in a certain orientation for a long time, the brush roller will appear groove, which will destroy the application of the roller brush. Functionality, even serious can cause the entire brush roll to be invalid;
< br="" style="font-family: " sans="" serif",="" tahoma,="" verdana,="" helvetica;="" font-size:="" 12px;="" white-space:="" normal;"=""> 4, the abrasive brush is used less, the general equipment grinding will be used directly Grinding tools such as grinding wheels are not finished. These are not within the scope of instrument brushes. However, for the sanding process in the textile industry, it is necessary to use an abrasive wire brush roller containing silicon carbide, and the number of silicon carbide contained in the abrasive wire ( Density) is properly conditioned with the strength of the fabric being milled and the effect that needs to be ground.

The brush is used for cleaning, painting, transporting, degreasing, laminating, dusting, dusting, cleaning and other applications. We can customize the hair brush for all sizes and various brushing materials to meet your application needs.

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