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Endoscope cleaning brush clamp cap
- 2019-09-19-

Endoscope Cleaning Brush (Double Head Brush)

Use: For cleaning the endoscope clamp hole.

Product strengths

The brush is easy to use, economical and effective. The innovative double-head cleaning brush greatly improves cleaning power and cleanliness.

Endoscope cleaning brushTip cap

The catheter is made of high elastic modulus polymer material, SUS304 stainless steel skein, nylon bristles, drop plastic size, professional production of inner diameter microporous brush, three brush cleaning brush

Disposable cleaning brush Product use: for cleaning endoscope clamp holes and moisture button pipe

One-time use of cleaning brush, no lint, easy to use, economical, good use, innovative microporous cleaning brush (less than 1.0mm) completely solved the problem of micro-hole cleaning of minimally invasive appliances at home and abroad.

diameter, length and POM of the brush head The inner diameter, outer diameter, length and color of the tube can be processed according to customer's requirements.

Professional extrusion of various small-size POM polyacetal tubing and other series of plastic tubing, various cleaning brushes, test tube brushes, suction brush , special brush brush quality assurance!

Its main products: high temperature hand brush, matching brush, wire brush, copper wire brush, bottle brush, textile brush, glass Instrument brushes, packaging and printing brushes, daily-use brushes; all kinds of food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, leather machinery, woodworking machinery, glass machinery, cleaning and polishing machinery supporting special brushes. Supply a full set of spare parts and assembly lines. The sales network is spread all over the province and is very popular among customers!

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