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Wire brush application
- 2019-09-19-

Wire Brush< trong="">Application

1. Textile industry: production There brush wheel setting machine, sanding machine brush, bristle brush machine, combing machine brush, brown brush, brush spinning, microdermabrasion machine brush, polishing cloth wheel. The brush roller for the singeing machine is made of bristle or nylon, and the roller shaft is made of 45# round steel + injection molding. The grey fabric on the textile has a lot of remaining fur. The use of the singeing roller is to use these remaining hair. The velvet brush is out, and there is an open flame under the brush roller to burn off the fur; the framing machine opens the width roller, and the framing roller is made of 45# round steel roller shaft, nylon and other materials, and is made from the center to the two ends. The word is slanted to plant hair, and the brush roller is fed into the roll. The effect of the slanting of the herringbone is to straighten the cloth to the two ends to make it straight; the needle plate is pressed by the brush wheel, the center is the injection molded body, the bristles are mostly piglets, and the use is The edge of the cloth is pressed against the needle plate of the machine by the pressure of the bristles.

2, ceramics: glaze brush, center is a strong sandalwood core, white or black plastic brush, used for tiles and Exterior glazing of other ceramic products.

3. Tanning and footwear industry: polishing, waxing and oiling of leather and upper, generally with a small cloth wheel, Horse hair, sisal and other brush wheels.

4, glass industry: products with washing machine brush roller, edger brush, PP, PU, PVC, PVA absorbent sponge Roller. Glass washer brush roller, roller shaft is 45# round steel, bristles are nylon data. If glass cleaning line needs to be cleaned with acid solution, all stainless steel brush roller must be used to prevent corrosion. Generally, it is made into strip by strip brush machine. The brush is spirally welded on the roller shaft; the suction roller is made of sponge with high density of hydrophilic molecules, has good water absorption performance and fast drying, and is used for comprehensively and quickly sucking out the water droplets on the glass surface.

5, paper, printing, cigarette occupation: pure nylon brush roller used to sweep the tobacco into a thin layer Flow to the production line for drying.

6, wood industry, furniture industry: products with polishing brush, sanding machine brush, sealing top brush, coloring machine hair Brush, brush machine brush. The anti-static nylon brush wire is used for dust removal on the surface of the wooden floor and furniture. The brush wire can not be electrostatically charged, so that the dust-collecting device can remove the dust from the brush.

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