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Analysis of the places to pay attention to when cleaning high temperature hand washing brushes
- 2019-09-19-

High temperature hand brush products solid wood production The surface is smooth and round, and the shape is delicate. nice. The hair is bleached and instantly sterilized by high temperature, and the hardness is moderate. Clean and easy, the back side brush cleans the nail gap, it is clean and neat, to ensure the cleanliness before and after surgery!

Tips: During the process of planting, there will always be 1-2 strands of hair in each tuft, attached to the hair group. Inside, after using the new brush for a few times, those miscellaneous hairs that have slipped through the net will disappear, and the real roots will not fall. The so-called hair loss is only a natural "cleaning up the portal", no need to be accountable!

Care instructions: the bristles will be messy after use, be sure to use the hand or comb carefully, reset, and then clean Hanging in the ventilated place to dry naturally, no sun exposure! Properly maintained, long-term use!
High-temperature hand-washing brushes are generally used for large industrial machinery cleaning, glass grinding Side machine retaining water, agricultural harvester internal seal, wind turbine hood cover seal and car wash high temperature hand washing brush. High-temperature hand washing brushes are small accessories that are not lacking in modern industrial equipment.

High-temperature hand washing brush is used for a long time, it is necessary to carry out the necessary cleaning, and the cleaning of the high-temperature hand washing brush is also It is very knowledgeable. If the cleaning agent and equipment are not suitable, improper cleaning may result in the invalidation of the high temperature hand washing brush. In general, high-temperature hand washing brush needs to use a special high-temperature hand washing brush cleaning agent, or choose some mild detergent, such as baby shampoo and other self-cleaning. When using a high-temperature hand brush cleaner, apply a 5 minute coin cleaning paste to the wet high-temperature hand brush, gently rub it, and then rinse it off with cool water. Together, pay special attention to the following points.

1. Do not clean the hair.

2. After cleaning, gently press with a tissue or a cotton pad to remove moisture, but remember not to twist the bristles. Otherwise, the bristles will be damaged, and the structure of the bristles will be loosened, resulting in hair loss.

3, after washing, the high-temperature hand washing brush can be hung up and let the hair dry down.

4, to be naturally dried, not to dry with a hair dryer, not to dry in the sun, otherwise it may hurt Wash the raw materials at high temperature.

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