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Industrial application knowledge of disc brush
- 2019-09-19-

The role of the disc brush is extensive and industrially. Disc brushes, also known as polishing brushes, are mainly used in four categories in the industry. Anhui Hanxing Brush Industry today gave us a detailed introduction to the common knowledge of the use of disc brushes in the industry, I hope we will like it.

1. Satin finish: Satin finish is a soft, thin polished brush that brushes the exterior into a matte finish. The process of the diffuse reflection layer, which allows the appearance to achieve a non-mirror-like glittering luster.

2, surface cleaning: mainly using a disc polishing brush to clean the surface of the scale, rust, old paint layer, welding slag and other dirt The object is also used to brush off the floating ash remaining after being eroded.

3, silk brush: in the appearance of a disc polishing brush to brush out a certain regular, fine silk, such as: waves Patterns, fish scales, etc., to achieve decorative purposes.

4. Deburring: The burr on the outer edge of the machine after machining is removed by brushing. This is also a wide range of disc polishing brushes used in the industry.

The above is the general knowledge about the use of disc brushes in the industry summarized by Pengzhou Huiquan Brush Co., Ltd. In order to obtain the finishing effect of the desired workpiece appearance.

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