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The instrument brush is the same as the damage of the civilian brush
- 2019-09-19-

The function of the instrument brush is not achieved by the general civilian brush that we see in our daily life. The instrument brush is generally used in large machinery. In the processing occasion, it generally has a large volume and work efficiency characteristics.However, the instrument brush still has some similarities with other general brushes. These similarities are particularly manifested after the application of the instrument brush over a period of time.

device brush despite the volume It is larger, but it is inevitable that after the application, some of the bristles are worn out, and the brush may not be flush. Then how to deal with these problems, if you ignore them, the efficiency of the instrument brush will be greatly reduced, but it would be a shame to scrap it off.

In fact, when the instrument brush presents the symptoms of irregular bristles, the blade can be used to remove the short hair on both sides of the brush head and brush The cut and cut can be used normally. However, it should be noted that this method can only guarantee the normal operation of the instrument brush for a period of time. After a long period of use, it will still present the previous problem, and then it will have to be thrown away. Regarding the device brush, the longer it takes to use it, the more it pays attention to its maintenance.

For equipment brushes that are not used temporarily, they must be cleaned and cleaned, then brushed with a clean cloth or kraft paper. Wrap it up to prevent dust from falling into the instrument brush during storage, affecting the performance of the brush.

With regard to the newly purchased instrument brush, the tip of the brush can be slightly warmed with a candle to change the firm and hard shape of the bristles. To make it better for use in work conditions.

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