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Problems to be aware of when sweeping the brush.
- 2019-09-19-

One of the inevitable problems of industrial brushes is hair loss. East Star Brush is committed to producing broom brushes, brush rollers, and wire brushes. and other products, today Dongxing Brush Industry tells us when the broom is brushed off What should I do when I am Mao?

First, let us first analyze the main reason for the falling of the bristles: one reason is that the quality of the brush itself is problematic, another reason is We did not use the correct method to apply the brush, causing the bristles to fall off in large areas. Most people encounter this situation and think that the brush's bristles cause a large area to fall. Most people will think that this is the quality of the brush, but the brush hair is dropped a lot. This view is wrong. The large amount of brush hair falling is not necessarily the quality problem of the brush. It may be that people are not using the correct one. The way to use the brush.

After analyzing the reason, we definitely want to know how to use the broom brush correctly:

First, people use the brush to soak the brush for a while before using the brush cleaner. The time does not need to be too long. It takes a few minutes. The brush that has been soaked in warm water is very smooth and soaked. After the brush is taken out, the brush is rubbed by hand when the brush is taken from the water, and all the brush hair that has been dropped can be removed by loosening. In order to avoid the use of the brush in the future, the brush hair is dropped a lot. Secondly, the brush should be cleaned in time after use, otherwise the brush hair will be hardened. The hardened brush hair is very difficult to use and can not be used. If the brush board itself is not stained with oil, it can be cleaned with warm water.

is the registration problem of the broom brush, for example, the storage location of the sweeping brush needs to be guaranteed at room temperature, do not put the brush under the sun It may lead to aging of the brush hair. The factory company assigns a fixed storage address to the brush, which makes it easier to find.

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