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Paint brush

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Military Brush maintenance method is divided into 5 steps, let us introduce the maintenance method of the strip brush!

1. After each application, use a paper towel to gently wipe the brush to remove residual color or makeup powder.

2. Regularly wash with mild shampoo, shampoo must be a natural and mild neutral lotion, should not be used "Washing and mixing" shampoo; no need to special after cleaning, then wrap it with a towel to wring out the water, arrange the bristles, and let them dry.

3. Use a lotion or make-up remover to remove the grease and color attached to it, and then dry it with a tissue.

4. When using a brush, do not force the bristles "straight" on the face, because the pen is one by one Stick it up, if it is too hard, the hair loss scene will be crowned!

5. After washing the brush, use your fingers to smooth the hair into a "spike". Do not intentionally flatten it, then let it dry. can. In this way, the dried bristles will restore their bulkiness and will not hurt the hair quality!

Foundation brush can be applied with cream or liquid foundation and concealer, lightly on the skin surface, achieving perfect decoration and natural no trace Finishing effect. The foundation of the foundation brush is very economical, not only can the foundation be light and natural, but also can take care of the negligence of the fingers. Many professional makeup masters use the foundation brush to make the foundation. That is because the foundation brushed by the foundation brush will be more transparent and brighter, and there will be no heavy scenes.

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