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Block brush

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Bamboo Brush<> can be used to eradicate hard things:
< br="" style="font-family: " sans="" serif",="" tahoma,="" verdana,="" helvetica;="" font-size:="" 12px;="" white-space:="" normal;"=""> eradication of blood. If there is blood on the carpet, don't use Panyu or hot water to remove it. Because the blood will condense when it hits Panyu or hot water, you can scrub it with a damp cold cloth and drop a few drops of Amo at the blood. Nia (ammonia), wait a few minutes, then scrub with a rag with cold water.

(2) eradication of the stain. When eating ketchup and other sauces in the car, if you accidentally contaminate the carpet, or accidentally put lipstick such as lipstick on the carpet and seat, you can scrub it with a cold water soaked cloth, or wipe it with a sponge. Then use a foam cleaner to clean, do not use Panyu or hot water to clean and scrub. In addition, you should not use Panyu or hot water to clean the stains left by beverages such as coffee, cola, ice cream, etc., because Panyu and hot water will fix the traces on the seat. You can only use a rag to soak the cold water and then scrub. Wash with a foam cleaner.

(3) eradication of urine stains. If the child scatters the urine on the carpet, first scrub it with a hot simmered damp cloth, then soak the rag with 1 to 1 ammonia and cold water solution, cover it in a wet place, and take it away after a few minutes. Wipe the cloth and wipe it off with a damp cloth. Dealing with vomit is annoying, but you can't handle it as quickly as possible. After this happens, the vomit should be drained with a paper towel first, then the solid matter should be removed, and then wiped with a warm water dipping cloth. Finally, soak the rag with a soda aqueous solution and wipe it clean.

(4) eradication of broth. Many people with cars will happily buy breakfast on the way to work, and occasionally solve the porridge, soy milk, dumplings on the road... Inevitably splash some soup water in the car seat, when the spots can not be cleaned, try a little Wipe with vinegar water, then wipe it clean with a damp cloth, and all will be restored. Every day, outside the car, in and out, the simplest dirty inside the car is the carpet. If the vacuum cleaner with a brush head is used for vacuuming, the dirty carpet can be made less dirty. With regard to the more dirty carpets, only special detergents can be used. Generally, the above two dust removal operations are carried out before using the detergent, then spraying an appropriate amount of detergent, rinsing with a brush, and finally, using a clean rag to suck off the remaining detergent, so that the washed carpet can be used. It is both clean and soft as before.

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