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brush roll

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Washer Brush Roller

1. Adopt national standard PA66 nylon wire. The color is black, white, blue, etc., between 0.10mm and 0.50mm, which can be customized according to user requirements.

2, the brush made of raw materials such as piglet, horsetail, wool, etc., should be widely used in cleaning, polishing, waxing machinery industry.

3, the brush produced by our factory can be made between 0.25-500 diameter. Between 5mm and 3500mm in length, you can also customize all kinds of special-shaped brushes and disc brushes.

4, the brush body is made of nylon, wood tire, rubber, fiberglass, etc.

< p=""> The bristles are made of nylon temperature-resistant antibacterial brush wire, which has the characteristics of temperature resistance, antibacterial, etc. The wire of the hair is made of stainless steel, the roller shaft is processed by stainless steel body, and the brush making process is for computer drilling and carrying hair. It is curved, non-shedding, wear-resistant and durable. It is widely used for mechanical cleaning, peeling and removing pesticide residues before keeping vegetables and fruits fresh.

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