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Nylon Roller Brush

Nylon Roller Brush

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This product is suitable for roofing materials, wall coverings and interior wall linings due to its versatility. The durability of fiber cement in various weather and weather conditions has been recognized worldwide. The continuous development of product design and production is closely related to contemporary needs, ensuring its outstanding position and making it the main building material.

Fiber cement board is a new type of building material, but many manufacturers choose to polish it in order to increase its beauty. At first we used 3M non-woven brush Grinding, the effect is very good, but because the surface of fiberboard and cement board is very hard, many manufacturers think that the cost of 3M non-woven brush is too high.

, our company uses imported silicon carbide abrasive wire, imported silicon carbide grinding The content of silk sand is higher than that of domestic, and the wear resistance is good. Later, we polished the fiber cement board with silicon carbide abrasive wire brush roller.

Nylon thread The wear resistance is superior to special materials such as gold steel sand. Because of its acid resistance and alkali resistance, it is mainly used in the steel industry or other hardware industries. It is used for cleaning steel plates for descaling and oxidizing skin, initial processing of steel, production. Galvanized steel, color coated steel, deburring, polishing, polishing, and mirroring of steel strips, aluminum strips, copper strips, etc.. Treatment and other industries.


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