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Cleaning brush

Cleaning brush

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  Tube Brush > According to different materials, it can be divided into horse hair brush roller, bristle brush roller and brush roller. Sisal brush roller, stainless steel wire brush roller, plastic silk brush roller, nylon silk brush roller, abrasive wire brush roller Etc.

Food processing industry: food washing machine brush roll, fruit clearing machine brush roll, hair washing machine brush roll, peeling machine brush roll, spiral Brush roller, brush roller, brush roller, packaging machine brush and various shaped food machine brushes.

Glass and ceramic industry: glass washer brush roller, sponge Absorbent roller, rubber roller, nylon gear, aluminum seat, mill brush, ceramic platen brush, pressure roller, glaze wire brush, dust machine brush. Machine room dusting hand sweep. Grinding machine cleaning roller.

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Metal processing industry: cold-rolled galvanizing line cleaning brush roller, pickling line brush roller, color line brush roller, degreasing line brush roller, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate cleaning line brush roller , coating production line brush roller, pull curved straight roller brush, polishing production line brush roller, brush roller combination, combination brush, abrasive wire brush roller, spring brush roller, wire brush roller. Shot blasting machine combination brush roller. /p>

Polishing and cleaning industry: polished bristle, sisal, cotton, cotton, wool, wool, wool, bristle, bristle, bristle, steel Wheel, sand brush roller, dust brush roller, sweeper square brush, disc brush, stick brush, disc brush, roller brush.

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