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Disc brush

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    Disc brush In the early 1990s, many brush manufacturers ran around the market with a bag of paint brushes. Paint brushes were also the first batch of brush products. At the time, the transportation was inconvenient and the logistics industry was underdeveloped. The salesman just uses the product to run the business. Although it is very difficult, it does prove that in the early stage of the market, you will get the profit you want more than others.

With the advent of the Internet era, the brush products have been transformed from the original manual brushes to industrial brushes. The automated production process has improved the production efficiency and quality assurance of the brushes. In the Internet era, the search for business has become more and more The more diverse you are, the more you don't need to talk about business. When you sit at home, the brush contract may automatically Send it to your home. This is the market after the change today. But will the industrial brush market really become better after the change?

The Internet age is wonderful. It brings business opportunities to many people and can easily make money while sitting at home. But this brings a huge crisis to the brush market. A little knowledge opens up the network and sells brushes on the Internet, due to the large number of People join the brush market, making the brush market chaotic, disorderly, unsecured, because many people among the salesman, even some mid-year women sell brush sales, but they do not understand the market, and think they are harder to earn money, so today The brush market has become very intense.

Although the brush market is getting bigger today, the current situation has not been solved, so the brush market has become More and more cheap. Some old entities will not fade, will fade out of the brush industry, some intermediary salesmen do not do professional ethics, only let themselves eventually cast aside the brush market.

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