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Wooden wire brush

Wooden wire brush

Product Details

Wood Wire Brush Product Description:

These brushes are mainly used to remove rust and scale in holes and tubes, and are widely used in machinery, chemical, shipbuilding, electronics and other industries. According to customer needs, we produce various specifications and models.

1. Surface treatment of metallic materials.

2. Surface cleaning and grinding of printed circuit boards.

Roller brushes are widely used in the metallurgical industry, such as: strip conveying at high temperatures, rough surface treatment, surface cleaning, scale removal, and sheet polishing. The company introduces German equipment to produce industrial brush rolls with high-density filled bristles, precise concentricity and advanced surface finishing and polishing processes.

There are several aspects to the surface treatment of metals:

( 1) Surface roughing treatment (grinding, napping, rusting, dust removal)

(2) Surface cleaning treatment (cleaning of parts, cleaning of food and vegetables) , decontamination, degreasing)

(3) Surface finishing treatment (grinding, depilation, polishing)

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