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Wooden nylon brush

Wooden nylon brush

Product Details

Bamboo brush is angled on the cut PP disc (∠135 °) Drill the hole, then use the cut flat wire or PP brush wire, nylon wire to fold and then insert it in series. The brush is installed in the municipal sanitation vehicle to clean the street and clean the snow. A disc brush or a wire-type disc brush installed in a municipal sanitation vehicle for cleaning streets is one of the most representative sanitation brushes. Products include sweeping machine roller brush, tablet roller combination brush, roller sweeper brush, sweeper brush, square sweep brush, round sweep brush, sewage brush, scrubber brush, computer Car wash brush, etc. The sanitation car disc sweeping brush is made of high-strength plastic brush wire to clean the dirt on the floor; the scrubber uses a roller brush. The material can be used with PP brush, PA wire or steel wire.

Material composition of sanitation brush

Brush: high temperature resistant nylon, pp wire <>

The hair can be v-shaped and spiral-shaped

Single filament diameter is 0 .6~2.0mm

The brush body has nylon, pvc roller, roller brush - diameter 200~600mm hair length is not limited

Single filament wire diameter is 0.6~2.0mm

High temperature resistant nylon, pp wire<>

Brush: pvc board, pp board, pp disc can be customized according to the manufacturer's drawings

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