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Wire brush type and application
- 2019-09-17-

1Wire brush is available in both straight and curved wire types. Straight wire is suitable for drilling and planting methods, such as wood wire brush, wooden handle wire brush, disc wire brush, etc.; and the use of wire is basically every type of wire brush can be used, especially spring wire brush The roller is not a non-curved wire. If a straight wire is used, it is impossible to standardize and tidy after half of the wire. The curved wire can be relatively aligned with the adjacent filament because of its own curvature, so that the half of the wire is even asymmetrical. The inclination is slightly invisible, and the outer surface of the brush roll thus formed is more dense, firm, and has a large rebounding force.

2 Product Classification Disc Wire Brush, Wood Wire Brush, Wood Handle Wire Brush, Wire Brush Wheel Wire Brush Wheel, Wire Brush Roller, Spring wire brush wire brush, wire pipe brush, spring wire brush, etc.

3 steel wire types used in steel wire types are 201#, 206#, 304#, 316# general steel wire; clothing wire. Copper wire, spring smooth wire, etc., select the corresponding type of wire for different uses, choose different wire diameter, which can prevent unnecessary waste and achieve the ideal cleaning effect. 201# steel wire is easy to rust after immersion, 206# The resistance of stainless steel wire is much stronger than that of 204#. It is suitable for the aluminum industry to scratch the surface of the aluminum strip, special treatment such as base, or for deburring in the plastic industry and wood industry. 304# stainless steel wire is a kind of high-quality steel wire. It is not only resistant to chemicals, but also resistant to acid and alkali. It is suitable for steel plate or mining and machinery manufacturing occupation, and derusting, degreasing and pickling of steel surface. The steel wire has two kinds of straight wire and corrugated wire, and the thickness of the wire can be determined according to different needs.

4 use wire brush, especially wire brush roller, generally used in steel or aluminum exterior processing plants, by a series of stainless steel wire brushes The roller is mounted on a fully automatic high speed brush polishing machine (brushing machine). The wire brush roller rotates the iron oxide scale at a high speed on the upper and lower surfaces of the strip in a direction opposite to the movement of the rolled piece. The brushed iron oxide is washed away by a closed circulation cooling water flushing system. Generally, the thickness of the coiled wire is 1.09-6.35mm, and the renewal period of the wire brush is updated once every 20,000 tons of thin plates or 40,000 tons of steel coils.

high-elastic wire brush, also known as copper wire brush stainless steel ultra-fine elastic wire brush is dedicated to cleaning ceramic anilox roller, this is because of ceramic The hardness is much greater than the hardness of the steel wire, and the wire brush does not damage the ceramic layer on the roll surface of the anilox roll. The ultra-fine elastic copper wire brush is a common necessary cleaning thing for cleaning chrome-plated metal anilox rolls and gravure plate rolls, and it is better to use a cleaning agent. Common specifications 6 * 14 or 5 * 14 holes, steel wire 304 stainless steel wire or general steel wire can be. Each hole is generally implanted in half of five roots, and the wire extends over about 20 mm. Generally, the brush made of steel wire is simple and rusty, and it is not used, and the quality of the wooden handle wire brush made of 304 stainless steel wire is too different. The wooden handle wire brush wire pipe brush is generally used for industrial pipes, mechanical screw hole cleaning and rust removal, polishing and cleaning, and the pipe brush process is made by mechanically twisting steel wire or stainless steel wire clamp between two wires or four wires. p>

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