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Polished wire brush, the quality of stainless steel wire brush is reflected on the brush wire
- 2019-09-17-

Follow The rapid development of China's industrial production profession has made industrial brush strips more and more used, and now it will be used. Brush strips career and job objective has been covering the mechanical cleaning, polishing, dust, rust, polishing, cleaning, coating, transport and so on. Together, if necessary, industrial brush strips can be used in the glass industry, leather industry, footwear industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, wood industry, furniture industry, electronics industry, printing industry, watch industry, galvanized sheet industry. , food and beverage profession, tobacco industry, carton industry, printing industry, and many other environments.

However, it is precisely because of the occupation of industrial brush strips, the number of people is large, and then there has been a generation that has never happened before. Use the problem.

Especially after the end of each application, the industrial brush strip will be placed somewhere. The correct method should be that when a project is completed, it should be cleaned with gasoline or thinner to avoid twisting the filaments of the industrial brush strips because the cleaning is not timely.

Secondly, the registration of industrial brush strips must also adhere to certain rules. When storing, kraft paper can be used to wrap industrial brush strips. It can be placed in a plastic wrap, but it is perforated to ensure the air circulation, so as to prevent the industrial brush strip from becoming moldy during the storage period because the seal is too tight.

The quality of the iron strip brush is primarily reflected on the brush. Of course, the brush is also selected according to the purpose. The strip brush can be divided into sealing strip brush, iron strip brush, stainless steel strip brush, horse hair strip brush, stainless wire brush strip brush, corrugated nylon thread brush, brick strip brush according to the material and function. , nylon wire brush, etc. Industrial machines are wind-proof, dust-proof, dust-cleaning and sealing brush strips.

What is the reason for the strip brush not reaching its function during the application process? The following will help you analyze the reasons.

Cause one: too effective


1. Use a small diameter brush or a falling speed to reduce the line speed,

2, add the length of the silk,

3, use Filament brush.

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1. Use a small diameter brush or a falling speed to reduce the line speed,

2, add the length of the silk,

3, Switch to a filament brush.

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