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Product Classification of Stainless Steel Wire Brushes
- 2019-09-17-

Stainless steel Wire brush is a widely used tool for industrial production. It can be used for surface treatment and polishing of steel and aluminum; or for cleaning ceramic anilox rolls; it can also be used for finishing and descaling and polishing of industrial pipes and mechanical screw holes. In addition to these operations, the stainless steel wire brush has no negative characteristics that are easy to rust and not use, and can replace the general wire brush for daily cleaning operation, and the cleaning agent has better cleaning effect.

Despite the wide-scale effect of stainless steel wire brush, in most cases, the corresponding type of wire is still selected according to different purposes. And we choose the time of the brush, and according to the results we want, so understand the product classification of the wire brush is very effective, Qianshan County Fenghui Brush Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of stainless steel wire brush, accumulated With rich production experience and good customer promise, the following is an introduction to your product classification.

There are many types of stainless steel wire brushes, which can be divided into straight wire brushes and songs according to the characteristics of the wire. Silk wire brush two major categories. Straight wire is more suitable for the method of drilling and planting. Because the straight wire brush is not neat and tidy after half of the wire, it is very useful. Here we will focus on the wire.

Curved wire brush, which can be made to match the surrounding filaments when making, so that even if the wire is asymmetrical after half of the wire, the inclination will not be seen. Come out, you can get an excellent wire brush with high density, strong and strong rust and rebound.


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