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The magical effect of wire brush
- 2019-09-17-

Domestic demand for engineering and lifting and transportation lifting machinery is increasing with the rapid development of the national economy. The two main manufacturers of engineering and lifting transportation machinery are also waiting for the entry of famous foreign brands after China's accession to the WTO. Dedicated to developing new products, expanding the market, improving product quality and improving product level At present, the quality of parts and accessories, especially the quality of parts and components, is getting higher and higher. The wire wheels, which are the main components of the main engine, are more sensitive to system pollution, and the process of eliminating the problems is complicated. The quality of auxiliary processing is particularly important and is increasingly being valued by OEMs.

Wire brush products are made of imported high-quality steel wire and thickened to overcome the weaknesses of non-use and ordinary replacement. They are widely used in ships and vehicles. , rubber and plastics, aircraft, petrochemical, metallurgy, national defense, construction, installation and other occupations. It is the ideal thing for the metal body to remove rust, sand, polish, pull and remove paint. It has the advantages of high efficiency and good quality.

Wire brush has the purpose of polishing, decontamination, rust removal, deburring, etc. The stains, carbon scale, appearance of rust and paint, the effect is better.

In use: 1 wire diameter does not exceed 7 inches. 2 The length of the wire determines its degree of grinding. The wider the brush surface of the 3 wire wheel, the greater the friction. 4 The higher the number and density of steel wires, the faster the cutting and brushing speed. 5 Generally, the large rotation speed at work is lower than the safety factor of the wire wheel, so that the service life of the running machine and the wire wheel is longer. Save power while increasing work rates and benefits.


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