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Main data of tube brush processing
- 2019-09-18-


The equipment cleaning brush is suitable for cleaning all kinds of bottle brush brushes in medical experiments. Because of different equipment, the brush type specifications are different: there is a cup brush, Beaker brush, etc.

Test tube brush Processing main data:

1 The total length of the whole tube brush, some of the tube brush hand-held part should be ring-shaped, and some are straightened straight.

2. The length of the hair end portion and the handle portion.

3. The diameter of the hair ends. It refers to the diameter of a single hair on the test tube brush, which is the sum of the lengths of the ends of the wire.

4. The single diameter of the middle wire (stainless steel wire).

5, the diameter of a single bristles, which requires precision instruments to detect.

6. Whether the top of the brush is closed. In general, closed machining is more difficult.

7. Test tube material problem. Divided into two aspects: First, the iron wire used for intermediate winding, there are two kinds of wire and stainless steel wire; Second, the material of wool, currently used are pork bristle, nylon wire, steel wire, copper wire, abrasive wire, etc. Can be selected according to different usage environments.

As a new type of brush product, the test tube brush has a wide range of applications. It is often used for deburring and cross-holes in hydraulic cutting holes. Burr, air conditioning refrigerator (compressor) deburring, cylinder deburring, engine parts, machining, hole machining, brake boring; also suitable for some round, cone, venturi hole polishing . The spherical brush can quickly and easily surface the cylinders, valves, tubes and pipes of various shapes and sizes. The polishing brush can be self-centering, and the automatically calibrated surface of the hole is processed in a fine and consistent manner without affecting the original precision and scale of the workpiece. It is convenient, safe, economical and effective.

The tube brush also has an indelible mark in medicine or in the pipeline. It can clean the sides and top of the pipe, even if it is deep, because the new type The test tube with the tail has been vacated.


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