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Notes when using chemical tubes to test tubes
- 2019-09-18-

1 According to the condition of the workpiece, choose tube brush of different materials. For example, if you want to throw a metal tube groove, you can use a wire tube brush or a copper tube tube brush.
2. The pressure should not be too large when used. If the pressure is too high, the fine lines on both sides will be distorted or overheated, resulting in broken fine lines, rapid melting and reduced service life.
3. When brushing the test tube with a test tube, you must rotate or move the test tube up and down, but the force should not be too strong to prevent damage to the test tube.
4, the inner wall of the test tube is attached with grease, can not be washed with tap water, because the oil is not soluble in water, so it can not be washed with water, you need to use detergent or washing powder.
5. Wash the test tube in time. Because it is easy to judge the nature of the residue at that time; in some chemical experiments, the residual liquid after the reaction is poured in time, and the residue on the inner wall of the test tube does not remain, but after leaving for a while, the volatile solvent escapes and there is residue. The attachment of the object to the inner wall of the test tube makes washing more difficult. Extended information:
1. Steps for washing the test tube
Brush with a test tube brush (such as soapy water) or wash with special reagents, rinse with water, and finally rinse with distilled water.
2, the standard of washing test tubes
After the glass instrument is washed, if there is no water droplets inside and outside, no water droplets will flow down into the stream, that is, it has been cleaned.
3, the principle of washing the test tube
The water-soluble residue is washed with water; special residue: if the residue is alkaline, it can be washed with dilute hydrochloric acid or dilute sulfuric acid to make the residue react and dissolve; 

If the residue is acidic, sodium hydroxide can be used. The solution is washed to dissolve the residue and dissolve; if the residue is a substance that is not easily soluble in acid or alkali, but is soluble in some organic solvents, the organic solvent is selected as a detergent to dissolve or react the residue. Drop it.


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