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Features of pig hair brush
- 2019-09-18-

Pig There are many materials for the production of capillary tubes. There is no synthetic material at the early stage. The commonly used materials are animal hair. Some materials such as pig hair or wool are used in different ranges. Different customers. The material of the tube brush required is also different. The salesman of the tube brush is based on the customer's needs. Help the customer to introduce the tube brush, we should choose which material tube brush when you need the tube brush, the following small series will explain the scope of use of the tube brush of different materials, hope to help you correct Select the material of the industrial brush.

First, let’s talk about the tube brush of pig hair. The pig hair can only be collected once in the pig’s body, and because of the pig hair material. The tube brush works well in brushing and so on, so there are many fake pig hair tube brushes on the market. After the purchase of this counterfeit pig hair tube brush, the actual use process There will be a lot of inconvenience, so consumers should carefully distinguish the quality of the pig hair brush when purchasing the pig hair brush. In general, the pig hair brush has a very remarkable feature, that is, the hair of the pig hair brush is not thick from the bottom to the top, just like human hair, a little pig hair brush will have a fork at the top. Phenomenon, don't worry, this is a normal phenomenon, just like a person's hair will split, the pig hair will also be like this. When the tube brush of pig hair is used, its corrosion resistance is higher than that of other materials. It is also very effective in waterproofing and anti-static, so pig hair is often used for painting.


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