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The main role and industrial application of disc brush
- 2019-09-23-

In everyday life, the disc brush is actually widely used by us, but we have not found it. Committed to the disc brush, it is the leader of the disc brush manufacturer in Anhui. Today, the mechanical brush products factory introduces the role of the disc brush and its use.

The primary function of the disc brush is: abrasive wire brush with grinding / finishing polishing / deburring effect;

1. Decontamination and grinding of copper in electronic circuit boards

2, woodworking / three plywood appearance packing / messy furniture wood twisting purpose processing / bump surface grinding operation

3, the appearance of the casting, deep hole / related hole deburring

4, copper strip / aluminum strip After the appearance of the coil, clean up

5, rolled sheet and galvanized / tin plated processing and metal appearance after the collection

6, deburring of car gear processing / engine parts and surface grinding before painting

7, finishing of refrigerator compressor / air conditioning compressor parts

8, military weapons Cleaning

9. Remove burrs and chamfers after machining

10, hydraulic parts cylinder cover external terminal polished

Industrial use:

In the industry, disc brushes are generally used in four categories, which comes down to the finishing of the workpiece in order to obtain the desired appearance. effect. Therefore, the primary task of the disc polishing brush is the external processing of the workpiece. Let's take a closer look at the four categories:

satin finish: satin finish is a soft and fine polishing brush The process of brushing the exterior of the part into a diffuse reflective layer of matte satin, which gives the part a non-mirror-like glittering appearance.

Appearance cleaning: firstly use the disc polishing brush to clean the scale, rust, old paint layer, welding slag and other dirt on the exterior of the part. It is also used to remove the floating ash remaining after the parts are corroded.

Silk brush: use a disc polishing brush to brush out certain regular, fine lines, such as: wave pattern , fish scales, etc., to reach the purpose of decoration.

Deburring: The burr on the outer edge of the part after machining is removed by brushing. This is also a wide range of disc polishing brushes used in the industry.

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