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rust removal brush

rust removal brush

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Due to the softness of the belt, the process of making it seems simple, but it is cumbersome to make, especially in the During the hair transplant period, all experienced employees do this alone. At present, there is no advanced equipment in domestic production, and the general machine can not be operated at all. First, after punching the belt, use a nylon thread to fold the brush line on the belt, and then trim the brush. .

Wire brush is suitable for special production lines. Products are transported by brush or product dust removal, wood, machinery manufacturing, food, hygiene, hardware, electronics, etc. Brushes are not only used for industrial production, but also a small part of handicraft products.

Industrial conveyors with A variety of shapes and shapes. Divided into three types of conveyor belt: PVC, PU, PE conveyor belt and food grade conveyor belt; conveyor belt: imported various high-speed plane conveyor belt, timing belt, round belt, conveyor belt, multi-slot belt, PU universal triangle belt, wide-angle belt. Rubber belt: green, black beige Rubber belt, canvas belt. Suitable for making belt with brush. It can be used with flat belt and timing belt.

The belt brush is punched on the conveyor belt, re Plant nylon brush wire or bristles, etc., and use it with cleaning equipment or product transmission. The manufacturing process of domestic belt brush is mostly artificial rope. The disadvantage is that the back line is worn and damaged, causing the brush line to loosen and lose its hair.

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