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air conditioner brush

air conditioner brush

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The wire roller brush selects the corresponding type of wire for different purposes, and selects different wire diameters to avoid unnecessary Waste and achieve the desired removal effect.

The wire roller brush has the advantages of high strength, rigidity, fatigue resistance, chemical resistance, and high melting point. It is a highly powerful and wear-resistant brush roller. Some steel wires are more likely to rust after being immersed in water, and some stainless steel wires are much stronger than other steel wires; they can be used for deburring in the plastics industry and wood industry; they can also be used for scratching the surface of aluminum strips in aluminum factories. Special treatments such as Kelly.

There are two kinds of wire roller brushes: straight wire and corrugated wire. The thickness of the wire can be determined according to different needs. Stainless steel wire is still a kind of high-quality steel wire. It is not only strong in toughness, but also resistant to acid and alkali. It is suitable for steel plate or mining and machinery manufacturing industry. It is used for pickling, derusting and oil removal on steel surface. Choose good quality or suitable. The wire roller brush is also very important, and it can be clearly reflected in the work of industrial pipes.

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