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Bath brush

Bath brush

Product Details

The brush roller manufacturing method is divided into: direct planting, winding, nylon sleeve, aluminum alloy brush board - New brush roller

1, direct planting hair

The brush is directly planted on the grinding roller, although the strength can be very high, but the cost of planting is high, and it can not be carried out. Partial replacement is an initial helpless choice.

2, wrap-around

The abrasive wire is formed into a wrapable metal strip and then wound on a sanding brush roll. It can be customized according to the length of the brush roller, but since the abrasive wire is stuck on the metal strip, it will cause the phenomenon of drawing (the abrasive wire is drawn out), the strength is not high, and only the two ends are fixed after winding, so the middle is very Difficult to do, if one end is loose, it will cause an accident.

3. Nylon sleeve type

Although it can be easily produced, the most common problem is the occurrence of nylon. The thermal expansion and contraction of nylon will cause the nylon to become longer. The nylon at both ends of the body grows out of the sanding roller and bears against the machine; the bristles are planted with the riding nails, the strength is not high, and the hair is most easily removed; the thermal expansion and contraction of the nylon can also cause the nylon sleeve to burst and the entire grinding roller to be scrapped; Nylon is not strong enough to increase planting density, etc... Although many foreign manufacturers make it, the problems exposed are the most.

4, aluminum alloy brush plate

The most advanced sanding roller in the world, which is made of 20cm brush plate, can be customized to any length of brush roller; high strength The aluminum alloy substrate can make the highest planting density, and the most advanced hair-planting technology can be used to ensure no hair removal, and it does not cause cracking and lengthening like nylon. The roller body can accurately check the dynamic balance. Choosing this brush roller will make you worry-free.

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