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Nylon cleaning brush

Nylon cleaning brush

Product Details

Pig hair brush generally consists of a metal shaft, a wire attachment (plastic tube, Nylon tube, etc.), brush wire composition. Processing procedures include: axles, casing (casting), eye collection, planting, flat hair. For the special shaped brush roller, the wool is manually planted in the case where the planting hair cannot be finished. There are 5 kinds of industries suitable for brush roller: food processing industry, glass ceramic industry, metal processing industry, polishing and cleaning industry, textile machinery.

Production Method

1. Directly planting hair


This is a traditional way to plant nylon yarn and abrasive wire directly on the grinding roller.

Advantages: good strength and short manufacturing cycle.

Disadvantages: The cost of planting is high, and it is impossible to replace it locally. It is an initial helpless choice.

2, nylon sleeve

Advantages: The production process is simple. It is now the main production method of high temperature resistant nylon silk brush roller.

Disadvantages: If it is made of nylon of poor quality, the thermal expansion and contraction of nylon will cause the nylon to become longer, and the nylon at both ends of the roller will be sanded. Rolling against the machine will also cause the nylon sleeve to burst and scrap the entire brushing roller; the bristles are grown with the saddle stitches, the strength is not high, and the hair is easy to be removed; the strength of the nylon is not high, the planting density cannot be increased, etc... p>

3, wrap-around

Advantages: A planting method introduced from abroad will The abrasive wire is made of a metal strip which can be wound, and then wound on a sanding roller, which can be customized according to the length of the sanding roller, and is now the main production mode of the abrasive wire brush roller.

Disadvantages: Since the abrasive wire is stuck on the metal strip, it will cause the wire to be drawn (the abrasive wire is drawn The phenomenon of coming out) is not high, and only the two ends are fixed after winding, so it is difficult to make the middle tight. If one end is loose, an accident will occur, and the new double steel strip winding is improved more than the ordinary winding function, but The cost is large.

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