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Broom brush

Broom brush

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Wire roller brushes are used in the sheet industry for rust removal (deoxidation) and can be easily supported. In addition to the rust, the rust of different twists can be selected from the appropriate steel wire diameter of the brush roller. In addition, the board can be specially textured according to the needs, such as: aluminum sheet in the sheet industry, its texture is soft, according to the decoration needs, the surface of the board is made of straight lines, chaotic lines, threads, corrugations and swirls. Texture effect.

The wire roller brush is mounted on two sets of differential wheels that rotate in the same direction. The upper group is a fast rotating wire roller brush, and the lower group is a slow rotating wire. The rubber roller, aluminum or aluminum alloy plate passes through the two sets of rollers, and is brushed with delicate intermittent straight lines. Straight line drawing refers to the processing of straight lines on the surface of an aluminum plate by mechanical friction. It has the dual function of brushing the surface scratches of the aluminum plate and decorating the surface of the aluminum plate. Straight line drawing has two types: continuous thread and intermittent thread. The continuous silk pattern can be obtained by continuously scalding the surface of the aluminum plate with a scouring pad or a stainless steel brush (for example, by manual grinding under the condition of a current device or by brushing the wire brush on the aluminum plate with a planer). By changing the wire diameter of the stainless steel brush, different thickness lines can be obtained. Intermittent silk threads are generally produced by processing on a brush or a grater.

Rough-grained wire drawing is a kind of irregular, no-grained sub-Asia obtained by moving the aluminum plate back and forth and left and right under the high-speed running copper wire brush. Light silk. This processing requires a high surface for the aluminum or aluminum alloy sheet.

Corrugations are typically made on a lighter or a grater. Using the axial movement of the upper set of grinding rolls, the surface of the aluminum or aluminum alloy plate is brushed to obtain a wave pattern.

The spine, also known as the optical rotation, is mounted on a drill press using a cylindrical felt or a stone nylon wheel. The kerosene blend is used to polish the grease to aluminum or aluminum. A kind of silk thread obtained by rotating the surface of the alloy plate. Different muscle lines can be selected with different diameters of steel wire. Also in the case of rust removal, peeling paint, etc., the thickness of the steel wire should also be treated differently.

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