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Brushing brush

Brushing brush

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Environmentally friendly and healthier, no pollution of metal such as Fe, and its toughness compared to clean balls Bamboo silk can easily wipe some stains of the sticking pot, and it can be used for a long time. Note: This product is pure natural bamboo, the brush head can not help but some burrs, the reinforced natural hemp fiber raw material is free of chemical washing agent, in addition to the brush pot can also be used Brush bowls, especially dry and hard residue left on the bowl, are simply brushed off.

1. Treasures are factory specifications ;

2. There is a slight error in the measurement of the craft without the factory scale, please be considerate

3. Treasures are taken in kind, the color difference is under various monitors and lights, and so on, there will be some changes, please be considerate;

4. There will be some small bumps in the handling process, but it will not affect the overall beauty and use.

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