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Sponge debridement brush

Sponge debridement brush

Product Details

Sponge debridement brush for post-operative brushing, one-time use, by The sponge block and the plastic shell are composed of soft bristles, which are sterilized with ethylene oxide. When washing hands, the sponge is used to remove the venom and evenly spread on the surface of the arm. The opponent performs initial disinfection and then gently scrubs the opponent with the other side brush. The dirt remaining in the fingerprint is brushed out and washed with water.

Product Name: Disposable Medical Hand Brush  Specifications 80*50*20*12(mm) Place of Origin: Jinsha Industrial Park, Jiuji Town, Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province, China  Application: Before surgery Clean arm disinfection method: Ethylene oxide

Product advantages:

The touch is soft, the brush is fine and soft and not deformable

The cleanliness is strong, the good material is good, health and convenience , strong cleaning force

clean, independent packaging, double protection is more peace of mind.

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