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Device Brush Trumpet

Device Brush Trumpet

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The way the brush moves, indicating that the brush is more efficient at entering the face than the brush The processing efficiency of the exit surface was studied, and the brush wear was studied from the angle of the brush medium. The effects of hardness (including elastic modulus, diameter, length), working temperature and humidity on the wear rate of the brush were analyzed. According to the formula D=WL3/0.1357Ed4N, the larger the diameter of the wool filament, the higher the hardness and the higher the wear rate. If the filament of the brush is longer, its hardness will decrease, and the hair removal filament is pointed out. In addition to the hardness, the other the same material, the harder the brush filament, the faster the wear; the higher the temperature, the higher the wear rate, the higher the humidity, the lower the wear rate, and the normal environment. If the temperature rises and the humidity rises at the same time, the effects caused by the two changes can cancel each other out;

   We also use the long-term observation to compare the processing efficiency of the two types of equipment, pointing out the lateral roller The brush is suitable for the cutting edge passivation of carbide inserts, while the longitudinal disc brush is suitable for hard Polished surface of the alloy of the blade.


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