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device brush medium number

device brush medium number

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Our products are mainly used for: medical and health, food machinery, precision Cutting, metallurgy, sanitation, sewage, automotive, footwear, wood, leather, glass, building materials, plastics, electronics, pharmaceuticals, fruits and vegetables, agricultural machinery, oil fields, textiles, printing, packaging, doors and windows, tobacco and alcohol, beverages and other industries Various types of roller brushes, disc brushes, strip brushes, cell sampling brushes, mirror cleaning brushes, high temperature hand washing brushes, polishing passivation brushes, etc. on mechanical.

< p=""> Device Brush Main Materials:

1 Natural: pig hair, horse hair, wool, mountain brown, sisal

2 chemical fiber: plastic wire, nylon wire (PP, PE, PU, PA, PPT, PBT, 610, 611, 612, 1010)

3 carbon fibers: silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, boron nitride, diamond.

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